Twitch Affiliate vs Non Affiliate: What’s the Difference?

Hey there! So you’re interested in the world of Twitch and want to know more about the difference between being a Twitch affiliate and a non-affiliate, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about these two categories and what sets them apart. Whether you’re a streamer looking to take your content to the next level or a viewer curious about the perks, get ready to dive into the exciting world of Twitch!

Let’s start with Twitch affiliate. Becoming a Twitch affiliate is like unlocking a whole new level of opportunities. To qualify for affiliate status, you need to meet certain criteria set by Twitch, such as having streamed for at least 500 minutes over the past 30 days, averaging at least 3 viewers per stream, and having at least 50 followers. Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to become an affiliate and unlock a variety of benefits.

One of the main perks of being a Twitch affiliate is the ability to earn revenue through Twitch’s built-in monetization features. Affiliates can earn money through Twitch Bits, which are virtual goods viewers can purchase and use to cheer on their favorite streamers. Affiliates also have the option to enable subscriptions, allowing viewers to subscribe to their channels for a monthly fee. These revenue streams can be a game-changer for streamers looking to turn their passion into a sustainable career.

On the other hand, non-affiliates are still an important part of the Twitch community. They may not have access to all the monetization features and perks that affiliates enjoy, but they can still build a dedicated audience and connect with other like-minded individuals. Non-affiliates can grow their channels by focusing on creating high-quality content, engaging with their viewers, and collaborating with other streamers. It’s important to remember that being a non-affiliate doesn’t mean you’re any less valuable or talented as a streamer.

In conclusion, becoming a Twitch affiliate opens up a whole new world of opportunities for streamers. From earning revenue through Twitch’s monetization features to unlocking exclusive perks, there’s a lot to gain from achieving affiliate status. However, non-affiliates still have a valuable role in the Twitch community, with the potential to build a dedicated audience and connect with others. Whether you’re an aspiring affiliate or a dedicated non-affiliate, Twitch offers a platform for everyone to showcase their passion for gaming, creativity, or any other niche they’re passionate about. So go ahead, dive in, and start streaming!

Twitch Affiliate Benefits

Hey there! If you’re curious about the benefits of becoming a Twitch Affiliate, you’ve come to the right place. Being a Twitch Affiliate is an exciting milestone for any streamer, as it opens up a whole new world of opportunities and perks. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits you can enjoy as a Twitch Affiliate!

1. Subscriptions

One of the major perks of being a Twitch Affiliate is the ability to earn revenue through subscriptions. By becoming an Affiliate, your viewers can choose to subscribe to your channel, showing their support and unlocking exclusive benefits, such as ad-free viewing and custom emotes. Subscriptions not only help you monetize your content but also foster a stronger connection with your community.

2. Bits and Cheering

As a Twitch Affiliate, you can receive “Bits” from your viewers as a form of appreciation for your content. Bits are a virtual currency that viewers can purchase and use to cheer for their favorite streamers. Affiliates earn a share of the revenue generated from Bits, providing an additional source of income while creating a fun and interactive experience for your audience.

3. Ad Revenue

Twitch Affiliates are eligible to earn revenue from ads displayed on their streams. This means that you can generate income through ad impressions and ad views, further enhancing your earnings potential on the platform. Ad revenue can be a great supplementary income stream for Twitch Affiliates.

4. Channel Emotes

Emotes are a popular form of communication on Twitch, allowing streamers and viewers to express themselves through unique and personalized icons. As a Twitch Affiliate, you can unlock different emote slots based on the number of subscribers you have. This allows you to create and offer custom emotes to your community, adding a touch of personality and exclusivity to your channel.

5. VODs and Video Uploads

Twitch Affiliates have access to the Video on Demand (VOD) feature, which enables you to save and showcase your past streams. This is a great way to engage with viewers who may have missed your live stream, as they can catch up on your content at their convenience. Additionally, Affiliates can upload pre-recorded videos to their channel, expanding the types of content they can share with their audience.

In conclusion, becoming a Twitch Affiliate comes with a range of exciting benefits. From monetization opportunities through subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue, to the ability to create custom emotes and have access to VODs and video uploads, Twitch Affiliates have a variety of tools to enhance their streaming experience and grow their community.

If you’re passionate about streaming and building a community around your content, striving to become a Twitch Affiliate can be a rewarding journey. So, keep pursuing your dreams, and who knows, you might just become the next big thing on Twitch!

Twitch Affiliate vs Non-Affiliate: A Brief Comparison

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Hey there! Let’s take a quick look at the difference between Twitch Affiliate and Non-Affiliate status.

Twitch Affiliate:

  • Have met specific criteria set by Twitch
  • Eligible to earn revenue through subscriptions, ads, and Bits
  • Can unlock additional features like emotes, badges, and priority transcoding
  • Can receive Twitch payouts once the minimum threshold is reached


  • Not yet met the criteria to become a Twitch Affiliate
  • Unable to earn revenue directly from Twitch
  • Do not have access to additional features granted to Affiliates
  • Cannot receive Twitch payouts

So, in a nutshell, becoming a Twitch Affiliate provides a range of benefits, including the ability to earn revenue and unlock additional features. Non-Affiliates have not yet met the criteria and do not have access to these advantages.

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. See you next time!